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Special Olympics Gateshead Tyne and Wear strongmen compete in local competition.

On Saturday 11th May 2019, our strongmen, Mark Proctor, Richard Renwick, David Martin, Anthony Brewis, took part in a local powerlifting competition at Ashington. Although this was not a Special Olympics event, the competition again brought out the best of our Powerlifters with each of them performing to their highest level. Our coaches Rob Parker and Billy Peebles commented on how relaxed each Powerlifter was as they coped with the competition pressure. A good day was had by all.

Mark Proctor- Bench press- 50kg & Deadlift-105kg

Richard Renwick- Bench press- 57.5kg & Deadlift- 107.5kg

David Martin- Bench press- 65kg – Deadlift- 107.5kg

Anthony Brewis- Bench press- 80kg- Deadlift- 90kg

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