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7 Athletes compete in Swimming competition in Blackpool.

Our swimming team attended a swimming competition in Blackpool on the 14th September. We took 7 athletes however only 6 took part. This didn’t stop the rest of the team as this was our most successful competition this year, with 4 of the team beating their personal bests and receiving speeding tickets for going too fast. There was no photography allowed within the Leisure Centre however we managed to get a couple outside during the interval and you can see how proud everyone is of their achievements.

Helen Knox – 1 gold – 1 silver and 1 speeding ticket
Daniel Wood – 1 gold 1 silver 1 bronze
Sandra Armstrong – 1 gold 1 silver and 1 speeding ticket
Dawn Flockton – 1 bronze 1 4th place and 1 speeding ticket
Paul O’Neil – 2 silver and 1 5th place
Gary Bishop – 1 silver 1 6th place and 1 speeding ticket

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